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River Cruise & Supper - July 2013

722 River Cruise - July 2013 from Rick Carlson on Vimeo.

Mike Jenkins Roast - Video 2013

722 Breakfast Club - President's Ball 2013 from Rick Carlson on Vimeo.

BBQ - Schweighart Residence July 2012

Golf Tournament June 24 2009

Bicycles for Vietnam Project

In February, 2008, the 722 Breakfast Club purchased 50 bicycles and gave them to minority children in Vietnam. These children live in rural areas of the country. Before receiving the bicycles, it took them about 1.5 hours each direction to walk to school and home every day. If not for the bicycles, most would not continue attending school because of the distance. The parents of many children told of how their child was unable to sleep the night before as they were so excited to receive their first bicycle. It would be one of the most valuable assets owned by the family. The slide show on this link begins by showing the bicycles being unloaded and presented. It ends with the names and signatures of each child who received a bicycle along with their year of birth ("nam sinh") in the column for boy ("nam") or girl ("nu"), the name of their village and lastly their grade at school ("lop")(i.e. grade "6"). It all took place in a small town outside of Nha Trang, Vietnam. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

July 14 2007 BBQ - Giselle Howard's Home

July 23 2005 BBQ - Debbie Oliver's Home

Inviting Guests

Our club promotes new memberships. A member may invite a prospective member to a Breakfast Meeting to see if they are interested in joining. The cost of the prospective member's first breakfast will be subsidized by the club.

Jack Rudolph Award

Our "Jack Rudolph Member of the Year" award is named in memory and honour of our dear friend and long-time club member, Jack Rudolph, who passed away in 2012. The winner is announced at our annual Christmas Luncheon. Nominations typically close the 1st week of December. Previous recipients include Hanif Hemani (2019), Rick Carlson (2017), Jeff Sharp (2016), Lyle Bauer (2013), Lyle Burkell (2012), Jack Rudolph (2011), Milt Taylor (2010), Sharon Kaendo (2009), Greg White (2008), Rick Carlson (2007), Ken Suchan (2006), Don Johnson (2005).

Club Bylaws & Policies

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